Proteus VX

Proteus VX 2.0

Developer E-MU Systems

E-MU's next generation Emulator X3 Streaming Sampling Synthesizer software.

Bar Code 128 Sample

Bar Code 128 Sample 3.4

Developer Elfring Fonts, Inc.

Spider Collection

Spider Collection 7.0

Developer Zonora Technologies

World's Largest Spider Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Spider Games.

Manco.Chart for WPF

Manco.Chart for WPF 5.3

Developer Manco Software

Chart control creates 49 2D/3D chart for .NET 3.0 WPF applications.


Construction Critical Path BAR Chart Sample

XML Sample Generator

XML Sample Generator 1.0

Developer Microsoft

Generate XML sample data with this free software from Microsoft Corp.

Nevron Chart for ASP .NET

Nevron Chart for ASP .NET 3.0

Developer Nevron

Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your ASP .NET applications. Nevron Chart for ASP .NET i...


StockChartX 5.9

Developer Modulus Financial Engineering

Stock Chart Component with .NET, VB, VC++ example projects.

Bar Code 39 Sample

Bar Code 39 Sample 3.4

Developer Elfring Fonts, Inc.

Trane Pipe Designer

Trane Pipe Designer 3.0

Developer TraneĀ®

It's used to find the critical path for proper pump sizing.

Payflow SDK

Payflow SDK 4.4

Developer PayPal Inc.

It enables you to develop web and desktop applications using Java.

eBay Search Bar Sample

eBay Search Bar Sample 1.0

Developer MSDN

Bar Codes Plus

Bar Codes Plus 7.0

Developer Elfring Consulting Inc

Bar Codes Plus lets you print your own bar codes on your product packaging.

Tukanas Project Manager

Tukanas Project Manager 1.0

Developer Tucana International

Building Design and Construction Systems

Building Design and Construction Systems 4.0

Developer NCARB

Is an exam guide which contains 37 sample multiple-choice questions.


Construction Critical Path BAR Chart Sample

Wav Sample Rate Converter

Wav Sample Rate Converter 1.0

Developer DigitByte Studio

Wav Sample Rate Converter is designed to change WAV sample rate or bitrate.

AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects

AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects 5.0

Developer AvisMap GIS Technologies

AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects is a bundle of sample of different projects.

Sample Wrench

Sample Wrench 5.4

Developer dissidents

Sample Wrench is a powerful audio sample editor software tool.

Polaroid ID Card Maker Entry

Polaroid ID Card Maker Entry 6.5

Developer Polaroid

ID Card Maker Entry Edition is a software which created IDs for employees.

Bar Codes Plus Sample

Bar Codes Plus Sample 2.1

Developer Elfring Fonts, Inc.

Bar Chart Creator Software

Bar Chart Creator Software 1.0

Developer Sobolsoft

It lets you create bar charts based on numbers and their corresponding labels.

Bio-Bar Chart

Bio-Bar Chart 1.3

Developer University of Strathclyde

Critical Path

Critical Path 1.0

Developer Critical Analysis

Bar Chart Stat Pro

Bar Chart Stat Pro 1.0

Developer CommTools, Inc.

Critical Path Finder

Critical Path Finder 1.0

Developer ACU

Bar Code Sample

Bar Code Sample 3.1

Developer Elfring Fonts, Inc.